Mosquitos Repellent Plants

21 04 2012

Mosquito are part of daily life of living environment. In this modern era, there are many products which are sold to repel mosquito from your living environment such as lotion rubbing to skin, spray, etc. However, all of those products contain chemical substance and you never know the effect of those products for your body or people around you. The effect maybe will not be experienced at now, so that it seems everything is okay. That chemical substance will be collected in your bloodstream for all your lifetime and then the effect you never know will be experienced several years later.

Then, why we do not try to return to nature for keeping the environment from mosquito. It is cheaper and giving fresh view for your eyes by planting some mosquito repellent plant. Here are the lists of plants repelling mosquito:

1.       Citrosa Mosquito

This Netherlands plant can spread its lemon smell making the mosquito and insects repel.  

2.       Rosemary

Mosquito do not like cajuput oil smell; its smell will make the mosquito desperate. Therefore, planting rosemary around your house will make you safe from mosquito due to its cajuput oil aroma.

3.       Mintrosa Of Lady Diana

This plant derived from the same place with Citrosa Mosquito, Netherlands. Its strong unique mint scent makes the mosquito build long distance with this plant. This plant is suitable for home and garden as well.

4.       Nicolaia elatior

This plant very much useful because almost all part of its building such as fruits, flower and seed used for eating needs. Even, its aroma will make mosquito repelling.

5.       Marigold 

The common name of this plant in English, “marigold”. This name is derived from “Mary’s Gold”. Its pungent scent is effective to repel insects and mosquito. Even, some species of this plant are rich in the orange-yellow colors and therefore used for coloring food such as pasta, vegetable oil, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, baked goods, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, yogurt, citrus juice and mustard.

6.       citronella grass

This plant used to spices food. The contents of citronella and geranial substance inside this plant also repel mosquito. The scent of this plant very much known effective to repel mosquito and insects and therefore the scent is used in commercial anti-mosquito product.  Even, snake does not like its scent. So, planting this plant, you will also getting multi-function as spice for food and snake, insects and mosquito remover. 

7.       Zodia (Evodia suaveolens)

This plant original from Papua, Indonesia. Papuan used to rub this plant to the skin for preventing them from mosquito and insects.

8.       Vetiveria zizanoides Stapt

This plant derived from India and known as type of plant deodorizer for clothing. This plant is also known as mosquito repellent. 

9.       Geranium

Geranium is one of plant which spreads pungent scent. Besides, the substance inside the content of this plant flying to the air easily, includes the substance resulting the pungent scent. 

10.   Lavender

The content of linalool and lynalyl acetate inside this Swiss plant makes the mosquito “headache”. Therefore, this is strong recommended for mosquito repellent.

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